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467th BG Associations Reunions

For many years, the veterans of the 467th BG held "mini" reunions in conjunction with the 2nd Air Division Association's (2nd ADA) annual reunion. The number of veterans, and their families, at these reunions varied but usually numbered under 100. In 1983, the 467th held a standalone reunion in Dayton Ohio that year. It was a special occasion when a memorial at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum was being dedicated to honor the men of the 467th BG. After that reunion, it was decided to resume the "mini" reunion format in conjunction with the 2nd ADA reunions.

At the 1986 2nd Air Division Association reunion, it was decided by the 467th BG Association Executive Committee that the Association would incorporate as a non-profit organization. In addition, due to the amazing number of 467th BG veterans now attending the 2nd ADA reunions, it was also decided that the Association would start holding its own standalone Reunion. The desire was to create something that was uniquely “theirs”. The first reunion was decided to be held in Shreveport, location of Barksdale AFB and home of the current 8th Air Force.

The first reunion was a resounding success. It was then concluded to continue the standalone 467th BG reunions. The numbers swelled to over 250 attendees during the 1990’s. The camaraderie amongst the veterans was exceptional. Rekindling old friendships, sharing past experiences and creating new ones, and exchanging photographs and documents from their times in service. These early reunions were not only sentimental for the men, but instrumental in helping preserve the history and legacy of their efforts during the war.

Some of the reunions were held at times and locations that coincided with major events and celebrations that were significant to the men of the Group. The 1989 reunion in Fort Worth was held there to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of B-24 Liberator. The 2001 reunion to Norwich, England was held to coincide with the Grand Opening of the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library in Norwich. The 1996, the reunion in Savannah was held to celebrate the opening of the new ‘Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum’. The Museum has been the recipient of many of the Associations efforts to support the legacy of the 467th BG. The 2006 reunion, while not held to coincide with such significant events as mentioned, was quite meaningful in it’s own regard. As part of the events scheduled was the Gillespie Air Show where the Collins Foundation B-24 was scheduled. It had been freshly repainted to represent the Groups own ‘Witchcraft’. It was quite memorable for the veterans (and their families) who attended this special event.

By the the early 2000’s the attendance had started to decrease to around 100 at each gathering. It was getting harder for many of these men, most of them now in their 80’s, to travel around the country. Yet, there were those among them who could not be deterred. Their allegiance and compassion for those that they served with only emboldened their desire to continue the tradition. While their numbers have dwindled, the passion has not. It is now the second (and third) generation members that have heartily responded to the calling. We are fortunate to still have some veterans with us that can travel to these annual reunions. Along with our “sister Group” - the 492nd BG - we continue to hold annual gatherings to support our ongoing mission to promote the historical legacy and promote the education of the 467th BG (H).

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