467th Bombardment Group (H)
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Association Membership
467th BGA Membership Classes and Qualifications
I. Veterans.
Any person who was a member of the historic 467th BG (H), or any of the units attached or assigned during WWII, is considered a member subject only to their assent.
II. Legacy Members.
Relatives of a Veteran Member will be considered Legacy members subject only to their assent, by being:
  1. the veteran's siblings: full, half or adopted;
  2. the veteran's spouse;
  3. the veteran's natural and adopted children, in or out of wedlock, and their spouses;
  4. children (natural or adopted) of individuals qualified by (b) or (c), and their spouses;
  5. all direct bloodline descendants of the veteran, and their adoptees, and
  6. any decendant of the veteran within a single marriage of blood descendance, and their adoptees.
  7. For these purposes, step-children qualify only if they have been legally adopted by a qualifying step-parent.
III. 'Valued Friends.'
Interested persons may be granted Valued Friend membership in three ways:
  1. By following a Board defined and administered process of showing over a substantial time their interest in the well-being and success of the Association;
  2. By providing fiscal support; or
  3. By performing substantial volunteer work consistent with the mission of the Association.
To apply for Valued Friend membership under (1),
Fill out this •form•, or email (info@467bg.com) stating your interest. We will send you our mission statement and bylaws and suggest study materials. This will begin a 6-12 month period in which we ask you to become familiar with the history of the historical 467th Bombardment Group, and the mission of the Association. Prior to the next Annual Member Meeting that is at least six months away, you will be asked to demonstrate knowledge and genuine interest, and your admission will be determined by vote of the association members in said meeting.
Paths (2) and (3) to Valued Friend membership involve case-by-case determinations by the Directors, rather than pre-set monetary or hour-and-task specifications. The board will nominate individuals adjudged to have met these requirements for membership approval at the annual meeting. New member approval at Annual Member Meetings will happen as the first voting matter, so that newcomers can participate fully in the rest of the meeting.