Mission Number - 9 Date - 4/21/44 Day - Friday Day of Year - 113

Primary Target - Zwickau, Germany Secondary Target - 

Results - Nil - Recalled

Aircraft Assigned -  Aircraft Dispersed -  Aircraft Over Target - 

#of Bombs Dropped -  Wt. of Bombs -  Type of Bombs -  Altitude of Drop - 

Fighter Escort
P38 Escort -  P47 Escort -  P51 Escort -  Spitfire Escort - 

Enemy Aircraft
 Claimed Destroyed -  Probably Destroyed -  Claimed Damaged - 

Anti Aircraft was -  Aircraft Lost - 

Men Killed -  Men Wounded -  Men Missing in Action - 

Type of Target - Aircraft Factory at Zwickau

Names of Crew Killed in Action

Names of Crew Missing in Action

Names of Crew Wounded in Action

Names of Crew Made Prisoners of War

Names of Crew Interned

Mission Narrative
Our aircraft took off, but most of them failed to assemble because of severe icing and other weather conditions. The mission was recalled.

Details of Aircraft Loss

Mission Label
 Mission #9
Zwickau, Ger

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