Mission Number - 192 Date - 3/12/45 Day - Monday Day of Year - 71

Primary Target - Swinemunde, Ger. Secondary Target - 

Results - PFF

Aircraft Assigned -  Aircraft Dispersed -  Aircraft Over Target - 

#of Bombs Dropped -  Wt. of Bombs -  Type of Bombs -  Altitude of Drop - 

Fighter Escort
P38 Escort -  P47 Escort -  P51 Escort -  Spitfire Escort - 

Enemy Aircraft
 Claimed Destroyed -  Probably Destroyed -  Claimed Damaged - 

Anti Aircraft was -  Aircraft Lost - 

Men Killed -  Men Wounded -  Men Missing in Action - 

Type of Target - Marshalling Yards

Names of Crew Killed in Action

Names of Crew Missing in Action

Names of Crew Wounded in Action

Names of Crew Made Prisoners of War

Names of Crew Interned

Mission Narrative
Bombardier John Shirk wrote the following after completing his 18th mission, the groupís192nd.

Eighteenth mission - Swinemunde, Germany. Monday, March 12th, 1945. Time: 7 hr 50 min. Target: Dock & Harbor Installation. Bomb Load: four 1000lb GP = 4000lbs.

What a mission this turned out to be. It was a request by the Russians but worst of all it was almost all over water except for the Jutland Peninsula. It was a PFF run and it was a solid undercast. We hit naval installations. We were Group Deputy Lead. After Bombs Away our No 1 engine caught on fire so we slipped the plane until it went out and came home on three engines. I was really scared and so was everyone else. We really prayed.

Details of Aircraft Loss

Mission Label
 Mission #192
Swinemunde, Ger

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