The mission list page is a detailed page of the missions flown by the 467th Bombardment Group (H). Included on each page is Target, planes flown, lost planes, bomb load, type of bomb, men KIA, MIA, POW, fighter escort etc. 
The data herein was compiled from several sources, including the Group photo archives (from pictures of the mission tally board), the Group text archives (compiled by Phillip G. Day - Pilot, 791st BS), and the microfilm History of the 467th BG from Maxwell AFB (the mission narratives for the first 106 missions). Clarification on the Group's 174th mission, which took place on 19 Feb. 45 instead of 17 Feb. 45 came from Ralph Davis (Pilot - 790th BS) and Andy Wilkinson (Group Historian). Kevin Coolidge (a Group Archivist) provided this compilation to this Web Site.

Missions flown - April, 1944 
Missions flown - May, 1944
Missions flown - June, 1944
Missions flown - July, 1944
Missions flown - August, 1944
Missions flown - September, 1944
Missions flown - October, 1944
Missions flown - November, 1944
Missions flown - December, 1944
Missions flown - January, 1945
Missions flown - February, 1945
Missions flown - March, 1945
Missions flown - April, 1945
Training and Practice Missions


More to come in the near future, all missions have been recorded, they just have to be turn into web documents and added here. I will put more up as time allows. Updates have been made past August of 44.


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